Dashcam captures moment truck tips over on busy road


Credit: ColdDry

A Russian driver received a scare when an articulated truck travelling towards him tipped off the road and crashed to the ground, spilling its contents.

The dashcam video, which was filmed in 2013, shows the motorist driving along a sunny road, safely overtaking other vehicles, before the red and white truck appears in the distance, rounding a slight bend.

Unfortunately, the driver appears to have misjudged the turn, or perhaps the width of the road, and as a result the rounded trailer begins to tilt off of its wheels, eventually taking the cab with it as it crashes to the ground.

The camera car immediately pulls to a halt on the opposite side of the road, the driver jumping out to help the stricken lorry, as a thick black liquid – thought to be tar – begins to creep across the highway.

Jumping back into the car, the driver moves away from the encroaching ooze.

It is unclear what caused the truck to tip over, but judging by the impact, it is unlikely to have been repairable!