Video released showing possible Apple concept car


A video has been released showing a concept design for the Apple car, which is expected to become a reality in 2020.

The video shows a futuristic and minimalist car that is in keeping with Apple's other products. A wrap-around dash screen replaces a steering wheel, showing speed, traffic predictions and even incoming calls.

Produced by Ran Avni and Luca Wrede for ConceptsiPhone, the video comes after Tesla boss Elon Musk claimed that Apple was developing an electric car and that the vehicle dubbed 'Project Titan', was an open secret.

While Apple has never officially confirmed the claims of its venture into the automotive industry, there have been a number of indicators that it is something the technology giant is planning.

One such hint is Apple's hiring of a number of engineers with backgrounds in automotive and battery design, including a senior engineer from Tesla, the Daily Mail claims.