North-east drivers come out on top in safety rankings

Heavy traffic on the M6 motorway in North West England
Research has found that motorists in the north-east are the safest when compared with the rest of the country.

The north-east was followed by Scotland and the east of England – with the south-east the worst, coming last in the table's listings, compiled for insurer Direct Line.

The information was compiled after 10,000 cars were fitted with black boxes that monitored speed, acceleration and braking.

Paul Felton, of Direct Line, said: "This will be music to the ears of many young drivers across Britain, particularly in the north-east.

"Consistently high or improving scores can lead to reductions in car insurance premiums, as better driving results in a lower risk of being in an accident."

Fitting a black box in cars can help to lower premiums, and is a useful tool for young drivers who want to save money on their car insurance. Many providers offer black boxes, with the technology often being fitted as a compulsory term of the insurance agreement.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said that the technology could be used in even more circumstances. "The IAM would like to work with insurers to tailor training courses based on each drivers' individual failings," he said.

Coming just above the south-east was the south-west, with Yorkshire and Wales and the west featuring just a few places higher in the rankings. The Midlands achieved a halfway position in the listings, coming fifth out of the 10 regions featured. London placed closely, coming in at sixth.