Parking attendant causes Lamborghini fire in Miami


When entrusted with an exotic supercar, valets usually take great care not to scratch or bump it.

However, one Miami-based parking attendant couldn't resist the opportunity to go for a spin in an ironically-coloured flame orange Lamborghini Aventador.

According to social media accounts, the valet, working in Miami Beach's South Beach neighbourhood, over-revved the expensive supercar, causing its V12 engine to burst into flames.

Luckily, a number of onlookers were on hand to help extinguish the blaze, and perhaps not so luckily capture the incident – which reportedly happened on December 29th last year – on video.

Remarkably, this isn't the first time that an Aventador has been spotted spouting flames from its rear end. A video, uploaded in October, shows a yellow version of the car driving through Dubai with its owner apparently unaware that his persistent revving had caused a fire.