Government warned about untrained electric car mechanics

Car Mechanic Brakes
The Institute of the Motor Industry has advised the Government to regulate mechanics who are allowed to work on electric cars, saying those who are untrained are at serious risk.

The new campaign, which is being launched in the next few weeks, is designed to clamp down on rogue mechanics trying to fix the "potentially lethal" power units.

IMI's chief executive Steve Nash, who spoke to the Independent, said: "Sooner or later somebody is going to attempt to do something they shouldn't do and they are going to fry themselves.

"That will either be the person working on it who gets a 600 or 700-volt shock or it might be a member of the public exposed to a fire risk.

"It's that serious. It's not scaremongering. It's real."

According to the IMI, of the 180,000 mechanics in the country, only 40,000 are registered to them, with only 1,000 trained in working on electric cars.

With 45,000 E-cars on the British roads, and with that number likely to increase, the ratio of mechanics to cars is going up and according to Nash, this is a real issue.

Nash explained that "We need people who are at least qualified to the level where they know how to make the car safe before even trying the routine things like working on the brakes.

"There is the very real risk that someone might say, 'Well, I'll have a go.' Electric motors are potentially lethal if people don't know what they should do on them."