Man 'ninja jumps' through car window to stop thief

Man 'Ninja Jumps' Through Car Window to Stop Thief

A prolific car thief had his plans foiled recently when the owner of a vehicle he was trying to steal performed an athletic 'ninja jump' through the open passenger window.

After the owner of the vehicle stopped for petrol in a Darwin fuel station, the thief emerged from the shadows and made to drive off in the car.

Spotting the criminal activity as he went to pay, the owner ran back to his vehicle before leaping feet first through the window.

While at first he fell back out of the car, this did not deter the owner, who pushed himself off the floor and climbed back into the car as the thief drove off.

Shortly afterwards, the thief is seen on CCTV exiting the vehicle and running off and Australia's Northern Territory Police are now hunting the criminal, who is wanted in suspicion for previously stealing three other vehicles and seriously assaulting a woman.