Liverpool police chase ends in dramatic car fire


Credit: Adam Sutton

A car chase in Liverpool ended dramatically as the vehicle that police were pursuing burst into flames outside a busy pub.

Drinkers at the Leigh Arms in the Kirkdale area of the city were shocked to see the Volvo hit a bollard and burst into flames, looking like a scene out of a blockbuster film.

The driver is reported to have escaped the vehicle before it caught ablaze.

Fire crews were called to the incident, according to a Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service spokesman.

A Merseyside Police spokesman also told the Liverpool Echo: "The vehicle looks like it hit bollards, and it looks like the occupant ran off.

"It's ongoing at the moment and we're doing a search of the area.

"That's all we can say at the moment – the incident is ongoing."

The scene grew a large crowd, as many passers-by enquired as to the reason and source of the fire.

Before long fire had consumed the entire vehicle – the car was completely destroyed by the time rescue crews managed to stop the flames.