Fisherman caught on camera carrying shark on car's bumper


Credit: Julie Wright

Some people like to customise their cars with a little more than just fancy chrome wheels. This driver, filmed driving in Safety Bay, Western Australia, has decorated his car with a dead shark on the front.

Towing a boat behind his SUV, the driver has obviously had a lucky day's fishing – but found themselves unable to transport their catch within the car.

Julie Wright, from Perth, captured the footage of the four-wheel-drive, which is carrying what appears to be a large tiger shark on its bull bars.

Telling PerthNow, Wright said: "I was driving down Safety Bay Road beside a boat and as I got closer to the car I had to double take as I was sure I was looking at a shark tail on the left."

Rach Kershaw also saw the spectacle, posting on Facebook: "It was never in the boat, I witnessed it all off Safety Bay, he towed it in behind his boat, was too heavy for the two of them to bring up into the boat."