Police rescue man from burning car in America

Dramatic Video Shows Police Rescuing Man from Burning Car

We've all had a few near misses, but this man came dangerously close to losing his life when his car burst into flames.

Local police and firefighters were alerted to the fire just after midnight in an unspecified location. But, when they arrived at the scene, they were horrified to find the driver still trapped inside.

With the vehicle engulfed in flames, and after repeated attempts to save the man, the officers were finally able to rescue him from the car, thanks to the help of a volunteer firefighter.

Paramedics were on the scene to treat the victim, who police say is in a critical condition with severe burns and internal injuries. He is, however, expected to survive.

The following footage shows the moment the brave firefighter drags the man from his car, as the officers rushed to his side.