OMG! The naughty number plates that make us 'LOL'

poop plate

Modern slang abbreviations are allowing rude number plates to sneak past the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), which normally regulates which registration plates can be issued and bans ones deemed offensive.

Number plates including the letters 'WTF' and 'FML' are being issued despite 70 per cent of drivers saying they know what these abbreviations stand for.

The DVLA has recently clamped down on number plates it consider inappropriate, such as plates that include any letter and digit combinations that include sexually crude, religious or alcohol-related references.

However, a third (32 per cent) of motorists said in a survey by Carfused they have spotted rude or cheeky number plates. The average cost of a private number plate in the UK is £387 and the most common type are ones that include the owner's initials.

While most drivers consider cheeky number plates fun, the last laugh might be on the owner when then come to sell their car as 34 per cent of drivers say they would be put off buying a car with a rude number plate attached.

Kate Rose, from Carfused, said: "Private number plates have always divided opinion. Love them or hate them, it's important that if you do have a personalised number plate you understand what you're letting yourself in for.

"Anyone buying a number plate should consider the purchase carefully. While they might think it will add value to the car when it comes to selling it, it's not surprising to see people can be put off buying a car with a private plate."