The BMW 7-Series that can park itself



BMW has developed technology that enables drivers to get their cars into the tightest of parking spots – from standing outside of the vehicle.

The technology allows motorists to squeeze their cars into forward spaces via a 'BMW Display Key'. This enables the owner to control the speed of their vehicle as it either drives into, or reverses out of, a space.

But don't worry, the parking sensors gauge the area around the car, making sure the vehicle doesn't scrape along either side.

The new 7-Series, which showcases this technology, also comes loaded with other ground breaking technology, such as gesture command operated navigation. This allows to driver to give commands to the car, such as an increase in speaker volume, simply by making a gesture to the car's dashboard.

The 2016 7-Series is set to be one of BMW's most technologically-advanced cars to date, offering a dizzying array of specifications and choices.
BMW Remote Control Parking Demonstration