Footage shows intrepid motorists scaling Ben Nevis in 1911


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Incredible footage has surfaced of intrepid motorists taking a Model T Ford up to the top of Ben Nevis 104 years ago.

The 1911 movie shows a group of men tacking the difficult terrain surrounding the mountain as they attempt to reach the 4,409ft peak.
The entire trip was undertaken as a publicity stunt by Ford, in order to show how capable their new car was on even the most difficult terrain.

The explorers use dynamite to clear areas of peat bog, which would have made their ascent even more difficult than it already was.

The trips took one week to undertake, with the car being driven by Henry Alexander Jr, the son of Scotland's first Ford dealer. The footage shows how the Model T struggles through heavy snow, despite the summer month.

Ford's Model T was originally produced with just 20bhp, but its light weight and thin wheels meant that it could scale terrain that would be difficult for many off-roaders made today.