Tired of parking tickets? One student fights back

Parking ticket placed under windshield wiper

Are you tired of receiving parking fines for the most trivial reasons? Does the thought of appealing your fine fill you with dread due to the enormity of the form? Well fear not!

A student from North London became so fed up with being hit with numerous parking tickets that he decided to do something about it.

Joshua Browder, 18, received 30 fines within nine months of passing his driving test in January.

This is enough to infuriate anyone but Joshua went that one step further and decided to create donotpay.co.uk.

The website allows motorist to pick one of 12 reasons of defence, and then enter the relevant details. The customised appeal generated by the website's algorithm is then sent to the council in question – clever stuff.

According to the Daily Mail, the entrepreneurial student, who is about to start a degree in economics and computer science in the US, explained he had to spend many precious studying hours writing appeals and was surprised that there wasn't already a website to appeal tickets for free.

He said: "I have come to realise that councils issue tickets first and ask questions later. Unfortunately, many recipients of these tickets don't have the time, legal knowledge or energy to appeal."

He says it not only saves time, but also ensures drivers have the best possible chance of winning their appeals. Motorists can generate appeals in less than a minute.

This clever youngster created the service after scanning thousands of pages of documents released under the Freedom of Information Act and consulting a leading traffic lawyer.

It has proved so popular that sign-ups caused the website to crash just days after launch - so he had to up the capacity tenfold to cope.

Joshua is putting more features onto the website, including a section to allow Google Maps as part of the appeal evidence. It's nice to see that clever minds are being put to good use after all.