Star of Herbie Dean Jones dies at 84



Best known for driving the famous Volkswagen Beetle in The Love Bug, American actor Dean Jones has died at the age of 84.

Jones is labelled as one of Disney's major stars of the 1960s and 1970s, appearing in 46 Hollywood movies, including 10 for Disney.

According to the BBC, Jones died of complications related to Parkinson's disease in Los Angeles. The film star's most popular appearances include his roles in That Darn Cat!, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Beethoven.

However, The Love Bug – in which Jones played racing driver Jim Douglas who becomes a champion behind the wheel of a modest-looking, white Volkswagen Beetle named Herbie with human traits – was arguably his most successful film.

Jones once spoke highly of the family-friendly movies he appeared in to the Los Angeles Times: "I see something in them that is pure form. Just entertainment. No preaching.

"We're always looking for social significance, but maybe people just like to be entertained."

Originally from Alabama, Jones began his stage-focused career as a singer in a New Orleans nightclub. After graduating from university, he spent four years in the Navy, before signing a contract with MGM.

Although he was a TV and theatre actor, he was defined by his career in Hollywood, and there's no doubt that Jones will live on in the many wonderful characters that filled our childhoods with laughter.

He's survived by his wife of 42 years Lory and their three children.

Legendary Disney Actor Dean Jones Dies at 84