F1 governing body looks into improving driver cockpit safety

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Spanish Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Barcelona, Spain
Press Association Images

Following Justin Wilson's fatal IndyCar accident last weekend, even more pressure has been put upon racing governing bodies to improve cockpit safety and protect drivers from flying debris.

After research from the FIA, tests will be undertaken to find an alternative solution to improve safety whilst minimalising driver obstruction.
A concept, previewed by Mercedes and seen in the video below, shows how a hoop-style form of protection could be used to prevent certain debris from entering the cockpit. Along with this, the central strut is both able to be removed easily whilst allowing drivers to be able to still have a clear view of the road.

The hinged system would mean that drivers could exit the vehicle without too much difficulty, too. However, the hoop system wouldn't stop smaller items from entering the cabin.

Previous tests using fighter plane-style canopies were unsuitable for F1 use as getting access to an injured driver would be made even more difficult and the chance of debris being rebounded high into the area would be greater.