Research finds one in four leave children unattended in car



Research has found that one in four parents leave children on their own in the car, with the average parent leaving those as young as five unattended in the car for up to 22 minutes.

2,000 parents contributed to the survey. All were from a variety of ages.
A quarter of parents have admitted to leaving their child alone in the car for a period of time whilst they ran out to an errand.

This information means that more than eight million adults nationwide may also have left their children on their own in the car.

The problem was particularly prolific among young couples, with 42 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds admitting to having left their children.

On top of this, one in four of this age group admitted to running out because they 'forgot' that their children were in there in the first place. One in six confessed to locking children in the car as a punishment for bad behaviour.

Parenting expert Richard Curtis told the Daily Mail: "There are a number of hazards that could pose a risk to children in an unattended vehicle, plus, as this report shows, siblings will often bicker or fight."

Parents reported that they have often returned to cars where children have been left unattended to find that interiors have been damaged or the car alarm has been going off. The research found that of all those surveyed, fathers were most likely to leave their children, sometimes for as long as 27 minutes.

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