Experiment finds out if driver style affects attractiveness

Asian car driver woman smiling showing new car keys and car. Mixed-race Asian and Caucasian girl.
An experiment undertaken by the Institute of Advanced Motorists has revealed that bad driving significantly reduces attractiveness levels.

The video shows the experiment in process, as a variety of participants are shown footage of bad examples of driving. They then score the driving in the video and answer a series of questions.
Blink rate, heart rate and pupil dilation are all analysed throughout the study in order to find out if poor driving really does affect attractiveness.

The study was made in partnership between the Institute of Advanced Motorists and Jo Hemmings, a behavioural psychologist.

The survey was undertaken to promote the IAM's 'Love Driving' programme, offering drivers a free driving assessment usually worth £39. The assessment is carried out by a qualified driving assessor and is undertaken in a 60-minute session.

There are no special requirements, and participants can use their own car. More information can be found on the IAM website.