Dramatic police chase ends with suspect dancing


A police chase in California ended unusually this week as a driver broke into a dance after crashing her car.

The pursuit, which happened in downtown Los Angeles, was captured on amateur footage and showed a brown car driving down a ramp at speed whilst being pursued by police officers. The front of the car appeared to have suffered heavy damage, causing parts to fly off.

The car comes to a halt, with the video footage showing that it has suffered damage all the way along its side.

Once they knew the game was up, the driver appears to get out of the car and dance in front of the police, seemingly unaware of the gravity of her actions.

The detectives then proceed to drag the suspect out of the car and lie her flat on the road. There appear to be several police cars on the scene, with around seven officers there to remove the suspect from her vehicle.

Driver Dances After Police Pursuit in Los Angeles