Top causes of car arguments revealed by survey

UK M25 rush hour traffic
PILING into the car to head off on your travels this Bank Holiday weekend?

With roadworks, congestion and the prospect of bad weather, it might not be long before tempers get frayed.

In fact, a survey has revealed the top causes of arguments for people embarking on road trips.

Conducted by audio specialists Harman, the poll showed that arguing over getting lost was the main cause of in-car rows with 'bad driving habits' in second place.

The length of the journey came third as a cause of friction, just above music choice.

Matt Visch, vice president of global audio engineering at Harman, said: "These results show just how stressful car journeys can be. However, many argument inciters identified in the poll can be helped with the latest in-car technology, driver aids and a good infotainment system.

"State-of-the art satellite navigation systems can help motorists find their destination and reach it quickly and more efficiently with the incorporation of real-time traffic updates.

''Clever driver aids can help improve some bad driving habits, while the length of journey is all about perception.

"If the journey is made enjoyable through the right in-car systems then the perceived length of the journey is much shorter. The benefits of these infotainment systems are only going to improve as out lives and cars become more connected."

Tips to avoid arguments were provided following the survey, and they included planning ahead, picking break destinations and checking traffic alerts before setting off.

Packing snacks for the trip can also help avoid potential disagreements, while preparing entertainment for children can help keep parents calm.