Driver attempts to escape after car is attached to tow truck


This incredible footage shows the moment a car owner who returned to find his vehicle attached to a tow truck tried to free it and drive away.

The video seems to have been shot outside an American shopping precinct, and as the footage carries on we can see the extraordinary lengths that the owner of the towed car goes to in order to get away.

The driver can be seen clearly in the video, wrestling with the wheel whilst pressing the accelerator to try and free his car. The tow truck, in contrast, stays where it is despite the attempted breakaway.

The sound of tyres screeching can be heard on the video, as the front-wheel drive car struggles to gain traction. All the while the rear end of the car stays firmly in the air and attached to the tow truck.

However, to attempt this in a busy parking area was extremely dangerous, as passers-by could have easily been injured had the car actually unhooked itself.