Speeding driver arrives at court and parks on double yellows



A driver, who posted footage of himself speeding down a motorway at 161mph, has been banned from driving, but not before parking on double yellow lines outside the courthouse.

Nightclub owner Mark McCrae, 28, posted a video on both YouTube and Facebook, which captures the moment he breaks the speed limit by almost 100mph in a BMW M3 along a section of the motorway.

He was travelling down the M5 from Weston-super-Mare at around 8:20am in December 2014.

One viewer, evidently taken aback by the dangerous nature of the video, alerted the police who promptly arrested McCrae.

According to BT, he admitted to dangerous driving, resulting in a suspended prison sentence as well as an 18-month ban from driving and £1,450 in fines.

However, rather than being sorry for his actions, he instead chose to arrive at Bristol Crown Court in the BMW and park on the double yellow lines outside.

Judge Neil Ford told McCrae: "This piece of dangerous driving was planned, not spontaneous. It was designed in order that you could place trophy footage on Facebook and on YouTube in order to impress others."

"The recipients of such material must appreciate that those who drive in this manner will be the subject of significant sentences in the court."

It wasn't possible to prove that McCrae actually reached 161mph, but police officers worked out from the footage that he was driving at an average speed of 122mph.

McCrae was ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pass an extended driving test.

Watch as McCrae reaches 161mph in the video below.