Ooh La la! Rod Stewart's Lamborghinis now listed for sale

Rod Stewart's Lamborghini Miura 400S and Diablo VT Roadster
Amari Supercars

Two stunning Lamborghini supercars, once owned by '80s rock legend Rod Stewart, have recently hit the used car market, and are patiently sat waiting to satisfy a lucky buyer.

The two raging bulls are listed on Amari Supercars, a specialist dealership in supercar sales, and are set to fetch around £2m between them.

The rarest of the two is the Miura 400S, which was bought by the singer back in 1971. Since then, it's undergone a £100,000 restoration to convert the Italian supercar to the 180bhp SV specification. For that reason, it has a price tag of £1.25m.

Lamborghini fanatic Stewart bought the car from a London dealer and the original records, including a photo of his then girlfriend Dee Harrington, have been perfectly preserved.

Rod Stewart's Lamborghini Miura 400S

Rod Stewart's Lamborghini Miura 400S

Upon sale, the Miura will be parting with Stewart's Diablo VT Roadster (unless one buyer decides to buy both), which was also owned by wrestler Kendo Nagasaki. This particular model was built in 1999 and has been listed for £269,995.

The Diablo is one of only 20 right-hand-drive models to ever leave the production line, and one of just four to feature fixed headlights.

Rod Stewart's Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster

Rod Stewart's Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster

Speaking about the Miura, a spokesperson at Amari Supercars said: "We are extremely proud to offer this fabulous Miura for sale, [it's] probably the best example of such a car for sale anywhere in the world.

"Even greatness can be improved upon. In 1968, Lamborghini introduced its updated Miura P400S, which featured a V-12 with revised camshafts that was good for a power output of over 370 horsepower and was mounted on a stiffened chassis.

"This model was, in turn, followed by the epically exciting, ultimate production Miura, the P400SV, which was first shown at Geneva in 1971.

"With a top speed of 180mph, it is no wonder that numerous owners of earlier Miuras elected to have their automobiles upgraded to this ultimate specification." [SIC]