Innovative new bike-mounted child carrier



The number of people choosing to cycle has rocketed over the past few years, but it's one of the few activities that is difficult to do with very young children.

Bicycle seats are available, as are attachments to the rear of the bike. However, these change the weight distribution of the bike and can spoil the enjoyment for the rider.

Luckily, the Scandinavian Sidecar solves all of these problems.

Providing space for two children, the side car is an alternative to bicycle baskets as it leans and tilts with the main bicycle. It can also be fitted to any bicycle, meaning that compatibility isn't an issue. Tracks can be added to the bottom of the side car turning it into a winter sled, too.

The only issue is the price. Coming in at just over £1300 for the carbon-fibre model, the Scandinavian Sidecar isn't a cheap option to carry your children around.

For sheer design quality and innovation though, it's hard to beat.