Driver fined for throwing parking fine out of window

Parking Fine

A driver given a £60 parking ticket was fined another £75 after he threw it out of the window of his car.

The motorist, who has remained unnamed, was issued with the penalty notice in Ammanford, Camarthanshire. However, before leaving a car park he threw the notice out of the car window and onto the floor, which was noticed by a passer-by.

The witness then reported it to the council, who then issued the driver with another fixed penalty littering notice for £75, bringing his total to £135 for both charges.

Councillor Jim Jones told the Daily Mail: "I hope this sends out the message that people cannot get away with breaking the law in this way." Jones has environmental responsibilities at Carmarthenshire County Council.

He added: "The man thought he could get away with avoiding a fine for the parking offence by throwing the ticket away; but now he has incurred a further ticket for dropping litter."

This comes after another motorist was fined after throwing away a penalty notice in Ammanford.

Two months ago a woman threw here notice down a drain, only for it to be retrieved and the driver reported. In this instance, the woman had parked in a taxi rank before being issued with the notice. She was traced through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in order to issue with the littering notice.

Jones added to The Daily Mail: "This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and action will be taken against offenders."