Car makes illegal U-turn and causes accident with motorcycle



This dramatic footage shows the moment a driver makes an illegal u-turn and causes a motorbike to crash straight into them.

The crash happened in Tbilisi, Georgia and involves the car driver, the motorcycle rider and also a pillion passenger.

The footage is startling and the impact heavy, with both vehicles coming off badly and the motorcycle riders being flung into the air.

With an illegal u-turn, the driver of the car leaves the motorcyclist unable to change course at all, meaning that the only place they have to go is straight into the front of the car.

In the footage, you can see the Mercedes in front of the camera car slow down to allow the driver to start making their U-turn.

Had they not allowed this, the end result could have been much different. There are no reports as to the status of any of those involved, though it appears from the video footage that the motorcycle passenger was able to sit up and move about after the crash.