Survey finds seven types of driver on our roads

UK M25 rush hour traffic
Tim Ockenden/PA Archive

A study conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science, along with tyre manufacturer Goodyear, has identified the seven main types of drivers on our roads.

Up first is the Escapee. They use distractions like listening to music or talking on the phone to insulate themselves from other drivers.
The Avoider is next. These drivers treat misbehaving other drivers impersonally and dismiss them as road hazards.

The next in the study is The Philosopher, who accepts misbehaviour and attempts to explain why it happens whilst controlling their own feelings.

The Punisher comes after the Philosopher, and the difference between the two couldn't be greater. They want to persecute other drivers for their misbehaviour and will more than often get out of their car in order to directly speak with the offending driver.

The racy Competitor is next in the survey. They need to get in front of all other drivers and are annoyed when this need is blocked. They tend to accelerate when other drivers try to overtake them or close up gaps to stop other motorists entering in front of them.

Unfortunately, we may all know the next driver. The Know-it-all believes themselves to be the law on the road and will lecture others on their own driving styles and decisions.

Finally, the Teacher will attempt to educate drivers as to what they have done wrong. They'll also look for recognition of their efforts to educate other drivers.

The survey was looking to identify how drivers influence each other's treatment of one another, while at the wheel.