What your car says about you: Drivers judge fellow motorists by their vehicle

traffic jams in the city, road, rush hour

A recent survey has found that drivers are judging their fellow motorists based on the type of cars they drive.

The survey, conducted by Continental, found that as many as 45 per cent of the 2,000 driver surveyed admitted to changing the way they react to different types of both drivers and cars.

Results show that 27 per cent of drivers will also be knowingly more considerate to drivers of the same make and model as the car that they themselves own.

At the top of the list was irritation caused by drivers using their mobile phones whilst waiting in traffic or at lights, whilst 6 in 10 drivers become annoyed when they see a car with a rival sports team's sticker on.

A spokesman for Continental Tyres, Mark Griffiths, told BT: "It is alarming that 34% of drivers will change their driving style based on a prejudice about something as unimportant as how clean a vehicle is."

He went on to add: "We might form opinions of people based on issues like appearance, though for that to lead to more aggressive driving is dangerous. We think road users must be courteous to others at all times."

1 in 3 drivers was found to make room for drivers of hybrid or electric cars, but in contrast an equal number will block them for being 'self-righteous'.

Mr Griffiths finished by saying: "Rather than aesthetic and other non-risk affecting features, the importance should be placed on factors like driving behaviour, car safety and driving condition – these are the things that really have an impact on safety."