American company creates Subaru snow-tank


If you're looking for the ultimate go-anywhere vehicle, then look no further.

A company in America has transformed a humble Subaru WRX into a fully-fledged tank.
American Track Truck specialises in replacing tyres on SUVs with four large tracks.

This change makes it the ideal vehicle for tackling sand, dirt or indeed snow as shown in the video.

The large size of the track spreads the weight of the car further, meaning that the chances of the car getting stuck are much lower.

American Track Truck has built unique cars for customers all over the world, including Austria and Switzerland, where snow-going cars are even more useful than in America.

The car does look quite odd on its raised feet, but the way it tackles snow makes it nearly incomparable to any other off-road vehicle. As the video explains towards the end, the Subaru is completely unchanged apart from the tracks, making the whole package all the more remarkable.