Lorry crashes dramatically into overhead sign

EDT Truck Crashes Into a Highway Sign

This lorry driver was involved in a dramatic crash after leaving the back of his vehicle raised, causing it to crash into an overhead motorway sign.

The incident, which is reported to have happened in the Middle East, sees the lorry smash into the sign and rip it down. Luckily, the lorry manages to stay upright whilst the sign crumbles to the ground. Although rocking from side to side for a few seconds, the truck remains on all four wheels.

Captured on dash cam, the video shows how a car following close to the back of the lorry has to slam on its brakes in order to miss the accident.

Reports are yet to confirm whether anyone was injured, but it does not appear from the footage that either the truck or the broken sign hit any passing vehicles.

It's lucky that the road was relatively quiet.