You won't do that again! Thoughtless parker lives to regret his decision

BMW drivers gets graffiti comeuppance for parking in disabled space

A BMW driver who parked in a disabled bay had abuse spray-painted on his £50,000 car.

A passer-by seemingly took offence to where the 5-series GT was parked – without a disabled badge – and so sprayed 'W**KER' in white, ruining its pristine black paintwork.

It's part of a growing public intolerance to people wrongly parking in disabled bays.

Less than two weeks ago, a red Beetle was parked in a disabled space at the Trafford Centre in Manchester without a badge and the owner came back to an angry note, which read: 'Your disability must be mental. I have keyed your car. Idiot!' However, the person who left the note didn't carry out the threat.

And Simon Cowell sparked outrage last month after his Rolls-Royce was spotted parked in a disabled bay at Cobham Services.

The picture of the vandalised BMW 5 Series GT was posted on Twitter by @snarkisworse who spotted the car as he was walking down the street near Oval, London.

He explained that he thought someone must have assumed the car was parked illegally - because there was no blue disabled badge.

The Trafford Centre has promised to ban shoppers who repeatedly flout parking rules by parking in disabled bays without permits.

It said 'hundreds' of tickets had been issued since the start of this year which had reduced the number of parking offences.