Bare face cheek - watch a police chase with a difference

Police Chase Naked Man Driving A Pickup Truck


Wisconsin police were involved in a dramatic chase as they attempted to capture and arrest a naked man who lost control of his pickup truck.

As the video shows, the driver of the truck crashes through a fence and into the police car capturing the footage. The driver makes no attempt to stop, choosing to instead spin around and carry on his journey. He doesn't even look in the direction of the car he crashes into.

The video shows the police car speeding through a suburban area whilst attempting to find both the man and his truck.

The footage then shows the police tracking down the owner of the truck, who chooses to abandon his vehicle and run into the centre of a car park.

He then throws his hands in the air, making it clear to police that he was no threat to their safety. He then lies down and waits for the police to approach.