Italian company create incredible folding garage


This video shows the fantastic folding garage created by Italian company Gazebox. It is created with city dwellers in mind, giving an area to park a car in even the smallest of spaces.

With segmented sections, the GazeBox provides the ability to cover a car without giving up too much space.

It can be specified with an LED lighting system, along with a remote control to change the colour of the garage at a moment's notice.

Solar cells can be installed on the roof of the micro-garage, providing power without the need for mains electricity. Each panel is UV-coated, meaning that anything stored inside the garage won't be tarnished by the sun's rays.

With two different lengths to choose from, the Gazebox can be used for any sized car and is created from iron, polycarbonate and aluminium. It can also be built from carbon, aluminium or even wood.