Tow truck operators left defeated by heavy Maybach


This luxurious Maybach has proved too much for one tow truck in Vienna, as this video shows.

Operators are unable to crane the Maybach 62S onto a flat bed truck, with the straps attached to either side of the car showing the strain. The car shows some signs of shifting, though more from body movement rather than the wheels actually lifting off.

Weighing in at just under two tons, the Maybach is an understandably difficult car to lift up off the ground.

After failing to pick the car up at all, the operators of the truck appear to admit defeat, despite having set off all of the Maybach's alarms.

As standard, the cars came with 18-way adjustable heated seats, air conditioning and a wine cooler. All of these luxuries add up to make a car that, as the people featured in the video found out, is very difficult to crane.

Video Credit - LiveLeak