Tornado tears car up and off the road


This incredible footage shows the moment a Taiwanese tornado carries a car clean off the road.

Captured on a dash-mounted camera, the amazing footage shows how the tornado comes within metres of the camera car, instead sucking up an unlucky Hyundai driving just in front.

Miraculously, the camera car is left stable after the tornado moves away, taking the Hyundai with it. The tornado is strong enough to carry road signs and rip trees from their roots whilst moving along. Incredibly, a pedestrian is left unharmed after the tornado whirls close to them. The Hyundai then disappears from view. It is unknown what happened to both it and the unfortunate driver.

Taiwan has been rocked by Typhoon Soudelor recently, with this being the cause of this particular tornado. Reports have shown that Typhoon Soudelor had wind speeds great enough to classify it as a category three hurricane. It is the most intense cyclone to have occurred in the northern hemisphere yet this year.