Watch: Close calls at the Nurburgring

Watch: Close calls at the Nurburgring
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As far as circuits go, the Nurburgring is one of the most challenging, satisfying and frightening motor racing venues on the planet.

Helping to produce adrenaline 365 days a year, the 13-miles long circuit loops around the village of Nurburg, Germany, and presents drivers from around the world with around 73 corners, some tricky and other more simple. It also has the capacity to welcome 150,000 spectators in one go.

They say the Nurburgring sets apart the men from the boys and, on a track that demands the highest level of concentration and claims hundreds of cars every year, this is no throwaway comment.

From BMWs and Porches to hot hatches and pick-up trucks, The Ring has seen it all. The fact that drivers can take to the circuit in their own pride and joy at their own risk, alongside a field of other adrenaline junkies, makes contact almost inevitable.

But it's not the crashes that will catch your eye in this video; it's those heart-stopping moments that could end in disaster. SOMEHOW, however, the drivers manage to regain control.