Axed counterpart leads to confusion for holidaymakers

UK Passport and Driving Licence
stu49 / Alamy

Following the recent changes to the UK driving licence, British holidaymakers are finding vehicle rental processes increasingly difficult.

Since the traditional paper part of the driving licence was scrapped by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) in June (supposedly to simplify matters), motorists are now facing confusion surrounding the documentation they need to provide to car rental firms.

This used to be a relatively simple process, where drivers wishing to hire a vehicle would hand over their photocard and paper 'counterpart'. This also made life easier for the rental firms, who could instantly take note of any penalty points against the driver's name.

Instead, drivers are now requested to fill out an online form on the DVLA website, which isn't what you'd call basic, in order to receive a unique code to pass on to the car hire company. Using this code, the firm can then access the customer's driving records.

However, while the DVLA argues that this is not a legal requirement, a number of firms believe that is it. Essentially, this means drivers could spend up to an hour filling out a form to receive a code they may never need to use.

Have you had trouble generating an online rental code? Check out the video below for exactly what you need to know about changes to the driving licence