Drift car goes head-to-head with aerobatic helicopter

Drift car vs aerobatic helicopter
Red Bull

Record holder Felix Baumgartner has wowed internet audiences once again with this impressive display of both stunt driving and stunt flying.

The vertical freefall record holder pilots an ulta-manouverable helicopter whilst attempting to track a drift car's actions around a closed circuit.

The car in question is a 1,000bhp Toyota GT86 driven by drifting ace Jakub Przygonski. With an aim to follow one another as close as possible, the two donut and chase one another whilst completing a series of awe-inspiring aerobatics and stunts.

They also bring a jet in to play, spinning around it whilst it is towed along the centre of the runway.

The event, which was organised by Red Bull, is another example of the scale to which the brand will go to in order to push the boundaries of extreme sports.

Though only uploaded two days ago, the video has already amassed over 160,000 views on YouTube.