NASCAR drama as racer sends his pit crew flying


A NASCAR driver in a Pennsylvania race crashed dramatically into his own pit crew after overshooting his approach.

Whilst driving up to his team's pit area, driver Brad Keselowski accidentally locked up the brakes on his Ford and careered into two members of the pit crew, sending them flying.
Both team members were dramatically knocked off their feet, with one sliding up the bonnet of the race car and onto the windscreen.

A tyre that was ready to be fitted to the car was sent into the air too, coming to a stop in the middle of the pit lane. This caused the organisers of the race to call a restart once the tyre had been removed.

Luckily, neither the jackman or wheel carrier of the pit crew was injured, enabling the team to regroup and see Keselowski achieve a second-place position by the end of the race. However, the team was penalised for the loose tyre that delayed the progress of the event.

This wasn't the only cause of drama during the weekend's race. Racer Kyle Busch ran out of fuel in the final laps of the event on Sunday, whilst competitor Kasey Kahne lost control in the pit lane and careered into the separation wall between crews and spectators.

This latest accident comes just a day after Keselowski crashed into a points leader during a truck event. Both vehicles received extensive damage in the collision.

Keselowski is a former Sprint Cup champion, though he has been experiencing difficulties regarding the pit lane in more recent races.