BMW and Apple 'reignite collaboration plans'


BMW AND Apple could be planning a car collaboration, it has been revealed.

Following talks and an exploratory visit by Apple executives to BMW's headquarters last year, their relationship has reportedly been reignited recently.
The visit in 2014 apparently proved inconclusive because of Apple's desire to develop its own passenger vehicles, but following a job reshuffle at the world's biggest seller of premium cars, the collaboration is now more likely to be on the cards, a source has disclosed.

For BMW to develop their next generation of highly technological electric and fossil-fuelled vehicles, a lot more input from telecoms and software experts will be needed. And who would be better to partner with than the world's top maker of electronic gadgets?

However, due to Apple's desire to make its own electric car, BMW are thought to be cautious about sharing their manufacturer know-how so as to avoid becoming a mere supplier to the technology giant.

Details of last year's visit to the carmaker's Leipzig factory were recently revealed in Germany's Manager-Magazin. Apple executives reportedly asked BMW board members detailed questions about tooling and production, while the German car manufacturer signalled its readiness to license parts.

A senior BMW source stated: "Apple executives were impressed with the fact that we abandoned traditional approaches to car-making and started afresh. It chimed with the way they do things too."

When asked about its plans to jointly develop a passenger car, BMW claimed that there were currently no plans, whilst Apple declined to say anything.

However, a source revealed that exploratory talks between senior managers are set to be revived.

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