Video: Neat police move ends car chase

Raw: Van Flips, Ending Two-State Police Chase

UK police chases can be a lengthy affair, with officers having to constantly report back on the situation and gain permission before starting a high-speed pursuit.

And should officers need to stop a fleeing motorist by force, you get the impression that there's a whole list of 20 different parameters that police have to satisfy before they can so much as nudge the car they're pursuing.

We imagine that police in the US are free from such constraints, however, leaving them able to try out such neat techniques as the gentle-nudge-van-flip move, as shown here.

While the idea of a police car flipping a van over at speed sounds fraught with health and safety woes, this tidy police manouevre brings a car chase to an uneventful close after cop cars had chased criminals across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Watch for yourself in the video above.