More than 400 drivers crashed in their driving test last year

Two crashed cars close up

New figures from the Driving Standard Agency have revealed that more than 400 drivers crashed during their driving test last year, which, understandably is marked down as a serious fault in the test.

The figures also revealed that 13 drivers were allowed to sit their driving test for a 30th time and still failed. Considering they had to pay around £62 per go, each of these people have spent around £1,860 on practical tests alone, reports the Daily Mail.

Speaking to the Sunday Express, a spokesperson for the AA said: "We applaud people who have failed the test multiple times, because although their driving may not be great they are still doggedly staying within the system rather that the one in 20 drivers who are going around uninsured.

"These disqualified drivers or those that can't be bothered to pass the test are the real menaces on our roads."

As well as the 415 people involved in a collision during their driving test, there is also a woman dubbed 'Britain's worst learner driver' who has failed her theory 113 times. That means that she has spent a massive £2,825 on theory tests, under the current pricing.

Despite a pass rate of 51.6 per cent nationally, a 30-year-old from Peterborough has also failed his theory test 86 times, while a 41-year-old man from Birmingham passed his test 80th time around. A 27-year-old man from Wales and a 39-year-old Londoner meanwhile, both failed their test for the 66th time this year.

Author: Harry Boucher