Four cars stolen from showroom located next to police station

Cars stolen from garage next to police station

Burglars have stolen four cars worth £26,000 and keys to 20 other vehicles from a dealership located right alongside a police station just north of Liverpool.

Thieves targeted the Five Star garage in the affluent town of Formby at around 2:30am on Thursday morning and burgled a newsagent's on the other side of the street. The criminals took a silver BMW 5 Series (BD61HWF), a black Mercedes C180 (KR55CKE), a black Land Rover Discovery (FH54YCK) and a silver Audi TT (Y611KDM), despite the showroom being located just metres from Formby police station.

The police station was closed at the time, but often has marked patrol cars parked outside. Following the break in, Five Star owner Alan Gabrielson told the Liverpool Echo: "There were four cars stolen off the forecourt, and keys in the safe have also been taken. They also took a beautiful framed photograph of Everton captain Phil Jagielka.

"There were about four or five of them and they burst the doors open. One of the cars was tracked on Eastway in Maghull by a camera – our fear is that the cars are bound for a chop shop to be sold on as parts."

Mr Gabrielson added that changing the locks on the 20 vehicles that have had their keys stolen is likely to set the garage back around £2,000.

Following the thefts a police spokesman said: "An investigation into the matter is on-going and a forensic examination of the scene has taken place. CCTV opportunities are being explored."