Video: Lorry pulls off record 166-foot jump

Record lorry jump

Lorries are good at many things. Lugging your groceries across the country, restocking Argos warehouses and carting fuel to petrol stations to name just a few.

Flying through the air at speed, however, is not normally one of a HGV's skills. However, that hasn't stopped one daredevil in the US state of Montana from taking to the skies to see just how far a lorry cab can fly. And the answer, it turns out, is quite far.

After thundering up an oversized ramp at 70mph the HGV cab took off, with the weight over the rear tyres quickly pulling it down to earth. Despite this, the big rig covered a whopping 166 feet in the air, destroying the previous record of just 62 feet in the process.

Not content with the dramatic airborne antics, driver Gregg Godfrey pulls off an impressive skid when he ends up back on Tarmac, though this may be due to the fact that a few of the tyres were destroyed in the landing...

Watch the video below to see the dramatic jump.