Ferrari F12 Speciale to gain 30bhp and lose 200kg

Ferrari F12 Speciale

A new version of Ferrari's flagship model, the F12, is set to gain additional power and a drop in weight to make this super-coupe even faster.

The car is likely to lose 200kg and gain an extra 30bhp, leaving 760bhp at owners' disposal in what will be a hardcore version of the car to be revealed at next year's Geneva Motor Show, reports Autocar.

The Speciale should weigh around 1,430kg, which with the additional horsepower on board should make it substantially faster than the already rapid standard F12.

If these stats are correct, the F12 Speciale will boast 531bhp per tonne instead of the 447bhp per tonne that the current model has, thanks to the tweaked 6.2-litre V12 under the bonnet.

What this all means is that it will have more power per tonne than the none-too-shabby Lamborghini Aventador (485 bhp per tonne) and the same amount as the ludicrously fast Porsche 918 Spyder.

As a result, buyers can expect the new car to rocket from a standstill to 62mph in less than three seconds. However, it is thought that the 211mph top speed of the current F12 might be reduced because of its extreme aerodynamics keeping it pinned to the road.

Inside, you can expect most luxuries to be stripped out, with not much left apart from the seats, pedals and steering wheel, for those who want the car to be as fast as possible, though options such as sat-nav and carpets should be available.

Prices for the Ferrari F12 Speciale are yet to be announced, though the F12 Berlinetta has a price tag of £240,083 so buyers can expect that pay at least an extra £30,000.

Author: Harry Boucher