Video: Electric car smashes Guinness World Record

World record electric car

If you've seen the videos of unsuspecting Tesla passengers being slammed into their seats when the driver flattens the accelerator, spare a thought for this guy.

While the latest Tesla creation can sprint to 60mph in an organ-mashing 2.8 seconds, this is by no means the fastest electric machine you can get. Zooming – silently – into the record books, and slashing a hefty second off the Model S's acceleration time, was a group of students from Germany.

Worse than this, the Stuttgart students' machine was timed to 62mph rather than the 60mph the Tesla clocked and the German machine took just 1.779 seconds to hit the benchmark speed. To show just how close competition for this record has been, this new record sneaked just 0.0006 seconds under the previous record.

OK, this machine had a little help from its 160kg weight – just a little less than the two-tonne Tesla – along with a total of 134bhp and a super-sticky drag-spec tyres, but we think it looks like a pretty impressive student project.

Watch for yourself in the video below.