Most drivers would fail theory test if they had to retake it

Alistair Darling - Driving test

Worrying new research has revealed that a huge majority of UK drivers would fail the driving theory test if they had to take it now.

A study conducted by discovered that only 12 out of 1,000 people would pass the test now – a failure rate of 98 per cent.

It also revealed that every single driver who had passed their theory less than six months ago failed the test, showing that all the hard hours spent revising leading up to the test can be forgotten avery quickly.

Nine of the 12 people who passed the recent test gained their theory test pass more than 16 years ago – a very worrying assessment of newer drivers ' road knowledge.

Shockingly, one in 20 drivers thought that it was acceptable to drive on the motorway hard shoulder if braking, overtaking or in gridlocked traffic, when these are all illegal.

Over the 20 years that the theory test has been running, it has been made increasingly challenging in an attempt to improve road safety. However, it seems that many motorists don't retain the knowledge once they've got their licence.

Dermot Kelleher, director of marketing and business intelligence at, said: "The results show people learn what they need to pass the test, but don't really seem to be taking it in, quickly forgetting the basics before they get behind the wheel.

"Drivers should dust off that Highway Code and test each other with questions to keep the knowledge front-of-mind."

Author: Harry Boucher