Video: Biker has narrow escape from turning lorry

Lorry knocks biker off

Lorry drivers have a pretty tricky job navigating the tight, crowded streets of the capital, but spare a thought for the cyclists and bikers who have to always be on their guard.

In this clip a biker is travelling in daylight on a traffic-free road in Peckham, South East London, when a lorry turns into his path. Slowing to allow the long vehicle to take the turn the biker comes to a stop. The lorry doesn't, however, despite the biker's angry shouts.

Oblivious to the rider, the lorry continues, nearly flattening the motorbike, as the rider leaps off and watches the bike go under the lorry's front tyre. Even as the felled biker tries to get the driver's attention the trucker continues to attempt to pull forward.

Even after nearly flattening the rider, though, the lorry driver still seems oblivious to the how the bike got underneath his truck. Thankfully, a passing woman is a little more understanding to the near death experience this rider faced, giving him a hug as the nonplussed lorry driver paces up and down.

Watch for yourself in the video below and be aware that, unsurprisingly, the rider does use some strong language in this incident.