Video: Mum smashes car window to rescue child locked inside

Child freed from boiling car

A woman in Kansas smashed a car window to free a toddler trapped inside as temperatures rocketed to 33 degrees.

Alerted to the two-year-old girl locked in the car with all of the windows fully up, mother-of-two Sarah Oropeza, who was working nearby on Saturday, raced out and cracked the window using a tyre iron. With help from another woman, Oropeza managed to smash the window with a truck hitch, freeing the child who was at this stage drenched with sweat.

Shop manager Oropeza told KCTV 5: "The windows were totally rolled up, all the doors were locked. She was covered in sweat," reports the Daily Mail.

An ambulance arrived to treat the girl, who was later collected by her godmother. The couple responsible for the girl when she was locked in the car – who are thought to be her aunt and uncle – have since been charged with child endangerment.