Aston Martin creates world's fastest champagne bar

Aston Martin Dom Perignon
Aston Martin Milano

Aston Martin Milan has teamed up with prestige champagne brand Dom Perignon to create a one-off special edition Rapide S.

When it comes to exclusive names like these, you can guarantee the special edition is going to involve something rather more opulent than a special paint finish or plush floor mats. Instead, the 190mph four-door is kitted out with a handmade 'cellar' that houses three bottles of 1998 vintage bubbly, along with a brace of crystal glasses and bottle openers.

Elsewhere, the car is unchanged, meaning a 550bhp 6.0-litre V12 engine up front and a snug, leather-lined four-seat cabin behind it. Thankfully, the exquisitely crafted cellar can be removed when not in use, which is just as well as it dominates the Rapide's rather small load space.

Currently, the model is to be used for promotions by Aston Martin in Italy, though the Milan dealership will eventually offer the Dom Perignon cellar as an optional extra on the Rapide S, called the Deuxieme Plenitude Special Kit.

No word on a price tag for this extravagant edition, but then if you have to ask...

Aston Martin isn't the only luxury British carmaker to team up with a prestigious marque to create bespoke models. Last year Land Rover teamed up with gun maker Holland & Holland to create what it described as its 'most luxurious SUV ever', complete with a handmade case with space for a pair of shotguns.

Aston Martin Dom Perignon Rapide S

Aston Martin Dom Perignon Rapide S