New multi-storey will park and retrieve your car at the push of a button

New multi-story parking tower parks cars at push of a button
Daily Mail

Not all motorists have mastered the art of parking, but hogging two bays or slamming the door of the car next to you could soon become something of the past.

A new state-of-the-art parking tower how opened in Zhenghzou, China, which allows drivers to park their car at the click of a button. Although it may sound like quite an intense procedure, the automated parking process is relatively simple.

Motorists are instructed to drive their cars onto a loading platform, which then elevates the vehicle to an empty space within tower block. According to the Mail Online, it takes just three minutes for the system to retrieve the car from the top of the structure.

The tower is 24 storeys high and has space for 250 cars to park at any one time. With 'smart' car parks expected to become increasingly common in big cities, the worries of reversing in and out of tight bays will inevitably disappear. The mechanism used to elevate cars up the tower rotates the vehicles so that if faces forward when it leaves the bay.

But will the skill of parking be lost forever? Let us know your thoughts on smart parking in the comments section below.

Author: Sophie Williamson-Stothert